About Us

Behind every intention is an idea. It was not different also with our shop. While scouring through several flea markets, vintage stores, or bazaars, we’ve found numerous small treasures, satisfying our collectors’ instincts, interior design inclinations, or stylistic taste. The biggest regret being, that there are so many other places to find these items, which we won’t be able to visit. And then it happened, an introspective spark of light, an abrupt change in our cognitive patterns – an idea was born! We are not the only ones, there are many of us out there. Struggling with a similar problem – we want to find it, we want to choose it, but we are unable to reach it. For those, we have decided to create this space – we find, you choose and we reach to each other. We have a specific taste in things, which you might be sharing. If you do, this is how you can find things you might never be able to reach in one place. Come and take a look.

Nice to meet you

Who are we?

Nino N.